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Company Certifications

Numerous  kinds  of  accreditation  witness  our experience: the qualifying for specialized design in  the  military  field,  the  enrollment  in  the European  registries  as  credited  structures    for design  consultancies  on  international  funded initiatives,  the  ministerial  accreditation  in  the scientific  field  as  highly  qualified  structures, the  introduction  in  the  qualified  structures  list for the development of complex designs in the Eastern European sphere.

Pooleng is certified as planning organization as per Law UNI EN ISO 9001 from 1996, optimized with the change into ISO 9001:2008.

Pooleng is partner of

  • OICE
  • Industrial Association In the High-tech Hervice Industry field
  • UNI

Pooleng is a structure qualified from public companies for the realization of big works and enrolled in the CCR (Central Consultancy Register) n. ITA-21740 as accredited company for planning consultancy related to international financed initiatives.

Pooleng is registered in data banks as expert of East-West Concentration Scheme and qualified for the development of project in the UE and with International financial institutes.


Our total number of projects design & developed is 8455.