Omans’ authorities delegation’s visit – Wadi Majlass Dam

In the month of December, on day 15th, a Delegation of Authorities from Oman, Ministry of Public Works and Quryiat Municipality, came to Italy to have a look on the Wadi Majlass Dam’s progress (both technical design and physical modelling) and also to see some examples of Italian dams.

The first day, the Delegation and some of our members went to Italian Province of Piacenza, the see Mignano and Molato’s dams. The second day, after Company’s offices visit and Oman Dam’s project explanation, the Delegation went to the city of Latisana, where there was the physical model (scale 1:60 ) of the Majlass Dam. That day, several tests have been done for different flow rates: it was important to see dam’s behavior under water pressure and in particular water’s downstream behavior, first on the stilling basin and consequently on downstream accommodations. Tests gave very positive results. The third day, Delegation went to Venice’s City, to see “Mose” (Experimental Electromechanical Module).

The Delegation appreciated very much the trip and evaluated positivily our works and the visited sites. Dam’s design will continue also next year with the EIA approval, the completation ot geothecnical survays and laboratory test and the detailed design.

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